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Mulgrave Road Theatre Creative Centre net-zero project


Mulgrave Road Theatre will renovate and expand the former NSLC building in Guysborough to create a small performance and community space.

The facility will be net-zero and serve as a community example of contributing to greenhouse gas reduction efforts in Nova Scotia.

Quick Facts

  • Stream: Mitigation – Focus area: Buildings
  • SCCF grant: $500,000
  • Total project value: $7,748,708

Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund

  • The Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities began administering the fund in early 2022, on behalf of the provincial Department of Environment and Climate Change.
  • Through the first round of funding, 26 community organizations and institutions in Nova Scotia are receiving close to $8 million from the fund for local action on climate change.
  • Funding goes to projects that support community efforts to reduce or remove greenhouse gas emissions or to prepare for and respond to the impacts of a changing climate.
  • The Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund is an objective goal of the Nova Scotia Environmental Goals and Climate Change Reduction Act and is financed through the Green Fund.

At the Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities, we recognize the great importance of the efforts being carried out by community leaders across the province. Climate change is a global issue that requires action at all levels: from international cooperation to local grassroots efforts. We firmly believe that our communities play a vital role in driving effective climate action.

Through initiatives like the Mulgrave Road Theatre project, communities are empowered to become the change-makers and heroes of their own local climate action stories.

The diversity and innovation of the initiatives being supported by the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund are truly inspiring. The initiative unveiled here marks the sixth out of 26 projects supported in the initial round of funding through this program.

Every project has been meticulously chosen for its ability to decrease greenhouse gas emissions and/or promote resilience to the evolving climate. Each project highlights the resourcefulness and commitment of community leaders who are deeply enthusiastic about creating a positive impact.

The first call for applications from the fund garnered significant attention. We received in excess of 100 applications from eligible organizations, including First Nations communities, municipalities, non-profit organizations, and post-secondary institutions.

Over the next two years, diverse organizations throughout Nova Scotia will implement a wide range of projects, demonstrating that our communities are ready to take local action on climate change.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all those who have made this program possible—the Province of Nova Scotia, our dedicated staff, and most importantly, the local leaders and community members who inspire us with their passion and dedication to create a better future. We look forward to sharing more of these projects and highlighting their important work. 

“The Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities, through the Sustainable Communities Challenge Fund, is pleased to support the creation of a net-zero performance and community space in Guysborough. The Mulgrave Road Theatre project is funded through the mitigation stream, which supports projects that seek to avoid or reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to Nova Scotia’s targets for emission reduction.”

Juanita Spencer, CEO, Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities

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