One of NSFM core functions is to advocate on behalf of Nova Scotia municipalities to the provincial and federal governments. To accomplish this, NSFM works with all municipalities and with the Association of Municipal Administrators (AMANS) to identify issues impacting on the ability of municipalities to serve their communities. Increasing effort is being placed on gathering data , documenting the effect these issues are having and on finding solutions. The NSFM works with our members to identify the top priorities and requests for action from the other levels of government through our resolution process

Some of these solutions require action from the federal and provincial governments. The NSFM Board has a formal agreement with the Province to work on matters of joint concern and opportunities. These are contained in our Partnership Framework Agreement.

The Provincial Municipal Roundtable is a forum for the NSFM Executive and provincial Ministers to meet and discuss joint priorities. Under the pdf Terms of Reference (1.64 MB)  for this Roundtable, a joint work plan will be established reflecting the NSFM resolutions and provincial priorities. In addition to the Roundtable, NSFM President and Board members meet with provincial and federal elected representatives.