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CBG  BG at Spring Conf 2024

Future-Focused Municipalities: Pioneering Solutions at NSFM's 2024 Spring Conference

NSFM's 2024 Spring Conference, themed Future-Focused Municipalities: Pioneering Solutions was a success! 
Held at the beautiful Inverary Inn in Baddeck from May 8-10, the event served as a dynamic platform for municipal leaders and experts to explore strategies, exchange insights, and chart a path for Nova Scotia's communities.

Conference attendees explored pressing issues facing municipalities, including sustainable development, climate resilience, and inclusive governance. Speakers emphasized the pivotal role of proactive, forward-thinking approaches in addressing evolving challenges.

Olympian Brad Gushue delivered a captivating keynote address, sharing his "Roadmap to Success" and inspiring attendees with his journey towards leadership and vulnerability. Gushue's insights underscored the importance of fostering empathy and resilience, equipping municipalities to thrive in today's dynamic landscape.

Participants left the conference inspired and invigorated, armed with fresh perspectives and tangible solutions to propel their communities forward. The collective commitment to innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity reaffirmed the NSFM's mission to advocate for resilient, future-focused communities.