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Here's a  pdf Record of Decision (ROD) document (176 KB)  for you to review.

Please find some highlights below. There is also new information on the rollout of the Body-Worn Cameras (BWC) for all RCMP officers.

ROD Highlights

Collective Bargaining

The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) has provided a proposed collective agreement to the National Policing Federation (NPF) that TBS feels is reasonable. TBS anticipates hearing back from the NPF in early September. The RCMP Contract Management Committee has acknowledged that a 3.5% annual salary increase is a reasonable rate to expect but the rates proposed and agreed to remain confidential at this time.

TBS also noted that the NPF may be waiting for outcomes of the Ontario Provincial Police and the Toronto Police Service collective bargaining to use wage increases in those collective agreements as benchmarks in their pursuit of monetary increases for its members.

Recruitment and Training

To supplement existing recruitment efforts, the RCMP informed contract partners that the Commissioner had directed that the number of cadets per troop be increased from 24 to 32 leading to an additional 160 cadets at Depot this year.

Update on BWC rollout

Over the summer, the RCMP worked with contractor Motorola to field test proposed Body-Worn Cameras and the Digital Evidence Management System.  The RCMP has recently provided the following update:  “Over the course of the field test, the Project Team reviewed the tools and services provided by the Contractor as well feedback provided by users of the Field Test Service against the contractual requirements.  The RCMP has determined that the Contractor has not successfully met the Field Test requirements as outlined in the Contract. As such, we will stop using field test body-worn cameras in operations.  More details will be shared in the near future.”

NSFM will update you as further information is received.