The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction Is Looking to Showcase Climate Resilient Projects from Nova Scotia Municipalities

The Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction (ICLR) is compiling a series of case studies concerning the implementation of projects related to climate-resilient infrastructure at the community level. These will be compiled from communities across Canada to tell stories of actions taken to improve the climate resilience of their infrastructures through consideration of climate change risks and impacts. These stories focus on actions that follow assessment and planning and into the actual doing and completion. They will be compiled into a book published by ICLR under the title Cities Adapt.

Cities Adapt is a series of books published by ICLR, which promote local leadership in adapting to extreme weather events. The first book looked at extreme rainfall events, the second at extreme heat, the third at extreme weather more generally, and the fourth focused on wildfires. We are now developing a fifth book on climate resilient infrastructure.

Our intention is to compile case studies featuring different climate resilient infrastructure projects/undertakings across Canada and to highlight local leadership of those initiatives.

ICLR is currently looking for potential case studies in Nova Scotia. If your community has one or more projects that have been initiated or completed to achieve climate resilient infrastructure at the municipal level, please forward them to David Lapp at by August 23, 2021.

Information should include a project title or brief description and contact information that can be followed up by ICLR.