NSFM’s mentoring program supports the need to pass valuable knowledge and experience from veteran councillors to those recently elected. This one-to-one relationship involves occasional face-to-face meetings, telephone conversations, texts and emails.

The purpose of the program is to provide additional opportunities for networking and personal and professional development among municipal elected officials. The program aims to advance the personal and professional development of both the mentor and mentee. Administration for the program is handled by the NSFM Office. View our  pdf Mentoring Guide (2.37 MB)  , along with the pdf Mentor Questionnaire (47 KB) and pdf Mentee Questionnaire (47 KB) .

Employee Benefits

The NSFM Group Benefits Plan provides participating municipalities with a comprehensive, cost-effective and flexible shared service - it is designed and managed to meet municipalities’ objectives for attraction and retention, and it supports the wellbeing of your employees and their families.

The types of benefits available through the program include: drug, health and dental coverage, short-term disability, long-term disability, life Insurance, accidental death & dismemberment, Employee & Family Assistance Plan, and many other enhanced benefit options. This program is managed by Morneau Shepell.

We encourage all municipalities to explore the NSFM benefits program. For more information pdf download the brochure (579 KB) .

Councillor Employee and Family Assistance Program

NSFM Elected Officials now have access to the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP) provided by Shepell.fgi. This program is a voluntary, confidential, short-term counselling and advisory service that connects individuals and their immediate family members to a network of dedicated counseling professionals who are available to provide assistance 24 hours a day. There is no cost to you and your family to access any of the services. For more information about what services are provided or how to contact Shepell, please download the pdf employee and family assistance program brochure (682 KB) .

General Insurance

The NSFM offers a general insurance program to Nova Scotia municipalities managed through the Atlantic Brokers Insurance Consortium. The Consortium is comprised of Alfred J. Bell & Grant Ltd., Fraser & Hoyt Insurance Ltd. Macdonald Chisholm Trask Inc.

In working with the Nova Scotia Broker Consortium and our Insurance provider we have consistently year after year supported those members who have taken advantage of the NSFM program with a host of inclusive services. To find out more and have your local Nova Scotia Broker Consortium representative contact your Municipality.

HST Offset

In 1998, the NSFM negotiated the HST Offset Program with the Province. It is intended to lessen the financial impact on municipalities of paying the Harmonized Sales Tax. Over the past decade, the Program has provided approximately $96 million to municipalities with $ 6 million distributed to municipalities annually. Payments are based on municipal expenditures in the previous year. Please fill out the pdf HST Offset Program form here (Part A, B, C) (194 KB) . spreadsheet Part D form is found here (34 KB)  and there is an spreadsheet example available for Part D filled out (52 KB) .

Wellness Program

The Building a Healthy You! Wellness Program, was established through AMANS/NSFM to help define effective ways to create healthy municipalities in Nova Scotia. The Wellness Program motivates change and transforms Municipal environments for improved health and wellness. Visit the Municipal Wellness Program’s website for more information.

Home and Auto Insurance

NSFM members receive preferred group rates on auto and home insurance through TD Insurance Meloche Monnex. Visit their website for more information.

Preferred Hotel Rate

NSFM members have access to a special rate of $146 / night* at the NSFM Host Hotel – The Westin Nova Scotian in Halifax.
* single/double occupancy through December 30, 2019. Based on availability. Plus applicable taxes

Preferred Courier Rate

The NSFM offers a preferred courier rate to municipalities through Canada Post's Maritime Provinces Parcels Agreement. For municipalities to take advantage of this program, contact the Commercial Service Network at 1 866-757-5480.

Carbon Surcharge Policy & Fund

As a means to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and make NSFM’s practices more sustainable, the Board of Directors passed a motion on June 8, 2012 to support a $5 carbon surcharge on spring and fall conference registration fees.  All money collected is held in a special fund and is disbursed annually to municipalities to support local, small-scale sustainability projects, based on recommendations from NSFM’s Board of Directors. More information about past recipients and applications can be found here.