April 28, 2019--Rick Hansen speaks to the new accessibility legislation and mentions speaking to our group at the Spring Conference next week in Truro! 8 a.m. Program - Around the 21 minute mark: https://www.news957.com/audio/the-todd-veinotte-show/ 

March 20, 2019--Municipalities Getting Unexpected Windfall in the Budget.  The Nova Scotia Federation of Municipalities is applauding a federal budget it says includes a number of investments that will help local communities. Alicia Draus reports. Click here to view the video

March 19, 2019--NDP Bill would provide more climate change support to municipalities. Vice-President Pam Mood Comments on the Bill: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/nova-scotia/climate-change-municipalities-legislation-ndp-chuck-porter-1.5061560