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NSFM Launches Online Asset Management Courses for Municipalities          

NSFM has developed two online resources to support municipalities in understanding and implementing sound asset management practices, which will help them make informed, proactive infrastructure and budget decisions based on the priorities and needs of their communities.

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The sole reason municipalities exist is to provide services to residents, such as clean drinking water, safe roads, opportunities for sports and recreation, and countless other benefits that support our quality of life. However, much of our infrastructure needs renewal or replacement, which will increase future costs to municipal budgets. That’s why it’s important for municipalities to implement asset management practices so they can make effective and informed decisions, manage risks and plan financially for the maintenance, renewal and replacement of their infrastructure.

Municipalities are already practicing components of asset management in their daily operations but having an asset management process in place helps them plan long-term, so residents can have the services they need and have come to enjoy. Smart planning ensures that infrastructure investments are beneficial now and in the future.

To support municipalities with their asset management planning efforts, NSFM has developed the following online courses:

The Basics of Asset Management for Elected Officials to provide elected officials with a simple and clear understanding of asset management and how to use it to inform infrastructure decision making and improve service delivery (cost: $175.00)

The Data Collection Standard Operating Procedure Guide for Linear Assets to provide an overview to the first set of tools developed through the Nova Scotia Asset Management Program by the Province of Nova Scotia for linear data collection (cost: Free)

Learning online about asset management has many benefits and NSFM’s courses provide a flexible option for elected officials and municipal staff to learn at their own pace. They can proceed through the material at their leisure, pause at any time, pick up where they left off and review parts of the course already covered. This makes it easy to fit learning into busy schedules from the comfort of home or anywhere Wi-Fi can be accessed. Learning about asset management is as simple as opening your computer or tablet: there is no dress code, it requires no driving, and there is no final exam!

To learn more about these courses, click here.

These initiatives are offered through the Municipal Asset Management Program, which is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.

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NSFM’s Asset Management Webinar with the Province of Nova Scotia & FCM

On June 14, NSFM collaborated with the Department of Municipal Affairs and FCM to deliver a webinar to update municipalities on the Province of Nova Scotia’s asset management program and new pilot project, and provide an overview of FCM’s Municipal Asset Management Program’s new funding initiative. The webinar provided municipalities with an opportunity to discuss their asset management project ideas with staff from the Department of Municipal Affairs and FCM to ensure they aligned with the provincial asset management program.

In the fall of 2016, NSFM worked a team of graduate students at Dalhousie University to examine the role sustainability plays in asset management planning for public infrastructure. The students developed a pdf report (687 KB) demonstrating that by applying sound environmental and sustainable management practices to retrofitting, building and maintaining assets, municipalities can reduce costs and energy use, and make their infrastructure more resilient to projected changes in climate. Ultimately, this will help them balance their infrastructure investments with environmental performance goals, while mitigating climate risks and improving service delivery.

FCM’s New Program Provides Municipalities with Support for Asset Management Planning

Regardless of size or location, municipalities across Canada are seeking options to support their infrastructure planning efforts, recognizing that sound asset management practices will allow them to provide sustainable service delivery, manage infrastructure risks and meet fiduciary responsibilities. Whether they have yet to begin asset management planning or are very seasoned in systematically managing their public infrastructure, many resources exist to assist them in making strategic infrastructure decisions. One important program to support municipalities with infrastructure planning is the Federation of Canadian Municipalities’ (FCM) Municipal Asset Management Program (MAMP), launched in April of this year. The program is delivered by FCM and funded by the Government of Canada.

MAMP is a five-year, $50-million dollar program designed to provide municipal decision-makers with the tools, training and knowledge necessary to make effective and informed infrastructure decisions, and plan financially for the renewal and replacement of their assets. As Canadian municipalities are diverse and have varying levels of capacity to undertake asset management practices, MAMP will provide a variety of training opportunities (many of which will focus on small and rural municipalities) and funding to support a range of activities. The main components of MAMP include training, funding and knowledge sharing.


In the coming year, a variety of training and professional development opportunities will be delivered by FCM and partner organizations, like NSFM. To build awareness and provide basic technical training, workshops, peer-to-peer activities, webinars and conference presentations will be offered. These learning opportunities will help increase awareness about the importance and benefits of infrastructure planning, support municipalities in building internal knowledge of asset management practices and demonstrate how municipal decision-makers can incorporate these best practices into the management of their organizations.


Early in May, FCM launched MAMP’s direct funding component. Grants of up to $50,000 (to cover 80 per cent of eligible project costs) are now available to municipalities to support them in taking a proactive and focused approach to managing their infrastructure. Asset management planning provides a strategic process for addressing infrastructure requirements by assuring assets are maintained and timely investments are undertaken to minimize risks and costs. MAMP funding supports a range of activities to increase a municipality’s asset management capacity, including:

  • Data collection and assessment of existing infrastructure
  • The development of asset management policies and plans
  • Training for municipal leaders

Municipalities must complete projects within 11 months of receiving funding approval notification. FCM will accept applications year-round on a continuous basis, subject to available funding, until June 30, 2020. Application guides are available on FCM’s website and staff is available to answer questions about possible projects.

Knowledge Sharing

FCM is gathering relevant knowledge, including lessons learned and best practices, from municipal leaders and asset management professionals from across Canada, and developing opportunities to share it with municipalities. As well, it is curating a list of resources to provide municipalities with the most current and relevant information on asset management planning.

To access information on MAMP, asset management resources, and current funding and training opportunities:

  • FCM
  • contact one of FCM’s program advisors by telephone (1-877-997-9986) or email () or
  • subscribe to FCM’s email list

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