NSFM's Webinar Series

NSFM started a new webinar series this spring, to connect with our members and provide education programs with real-time feedback.

We host the webinars via Zoom, so joining us is just a click away. 

We're going to take a break while our members are involved with municipal elections across the province in October.

Webinar Archives

Did you miss some of our past important topics? Check out our YouTube channel to catch the videos from our webinar archives, including:

AMANS and NSFM partnered with Ashanti Leadership and Development Services to provide a virtual training opportunity on Unconscious Bias Within the Workplace in September.

AMANS and NSFM recognize the importance of this session and, therefore, will be offering it several times over the next 12 months. Watch this space for upcoming dates.

Research has long identified that although organizations have sought to address diversity and inclusion in the workplace, there are still a number of challenges to achieving inclusivity. Employers and employees are encouraged to challenge what is known as Unconscious Bias, a bias which is embedded in our attitudes and beliefs without us knowing. These are based on our upbringing, our social location, influences of media and educational institutions and impact our everyday decision making and judgments, which makes us less accepting of difference among us.

Presenter: Ann Divine, CEO of Ashanti Leadership and Development Services 

NSFM also co-hosted a special webinar with AMANS on Creating Municipal Action Plans for Ending Racism and Discrimination (July 23).

The slide presentations from municipalities that are fostering understanding, diversity and inclusion are available here: