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The Fiscal Review Committee was established in 2012 to provide a comprehensive review of the current provincial-municipal fiscal arrangement including all provincial-municipal programs. The Committee's research will encompass:

  • the current financial condition of municipalities in NS
  • the existing grants and other funding programs that exist for municipalities in NS
  • Municipal contributions to the Province
  • Non financial supports currently offered to municipalities in NS
  • Emerging issues in municipal structure across Canada.

A Steering Committee has been established consisting of representatives from the UNSM, various Deputy Ministers from the Province, and the co-chairs of the Working Committee. The Working Committee is comprised of the UNSM Executive Director, AMA Executive Director, other members of AMA and SNSMR staff.


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pdf 2015 FCI Data Last Three Years Summary ( pdf, 15.10 MB )
pdf 2015 FCI Technical Briefing Presentation ( pdf, 7.56 MB )
pdf Fiscal Review Report Current State of Municipal Governments in Nova Scotia Report ( pdf, 14.54 MB )
pdf Fiscal Review Steering Committee ToR June 2012 ( pdf, 366 KB )
pdf Media Release Province Launches Municipal Financial Condition Index ( pdf, 93 KB )
pdf Provincial Municipal Fiscal Review Executive Summary ( pdf, 774 KB )
pdf Provincial Municipal Fiscal Review Full Report Sept 2014 ( pdf, 6.55 MB )
pdf Provincial Municipal Fiscal Review Questions for Feedback ( pdf, 299 KB )
pdf Units Submission to Fiscal Review Report ( pdf, 80.77 MB )