Resolution: Extended Producer Responsibility for Printed Paper and Packaging (EPR for PPP)

WHEREAS municipalities have been abiding by the Solid Waste-Resource Management Regulations since 1995; and

WHEREAS these regulations hold municipalities solely accountable for proper separation of blue bag materials; and

WHEREAS municipalities must manage the risk of rising costs and fluctuating commodity markets for blue bag materials; and

WHEREAS municipalities’ residential blue-bag recycling programs cost over $25 million per year and are paid for primarily by municipal taxpayers; and

WHEREAS 80% of Canadian consumers live in areas where producers fund PPP programs by incorporating program costs into their national product pricing; and

WHEREAS Nova Scotia consumers are already paying the national product prices that support PPP programs in other provinces, but receive none of the benefits because Nova Scotia has no EPR program; and

WHEREAS the NSFM has developed a proposed model for EPR for PPP in cooperation with municipalities; and WHEREAS EPR for PPP would significantly decrease both costs and risks associated with municipal curbside recycling programs;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that NSFM request the Province develop legislation and regulations, in support of a full EPR for PPP model as proposed by NSFM in consultation with municipalities and other stakeholders; and

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that the Province will provide a transition program to assist those municipalities who are left with redundant facilities.

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