Municipality of the District of Chester

Council voted to:

• Delay distribution of the interim tax bill for one month;

• Extend the deadline for Low Income Tax Exemption Policy applications until June 30, 2020;

•  Double the budgeted amount for low income tax exemption for fiscal year 20/21 with increases to both income thresholds and rebate amounts;

• Establish a one-time emergency grant to non-profit organizations with facilities that are negatively impacted by COVID-19 up to $1000/month to a maximum of $5000 per organization;

• Increase Council Grants to $50,000;

• Explore opportunities to alleviate financial stress for the small-business sector.

• Council also approved paid leave for staff and authorized that some of the volunteer hours staff do in their communities can count towards work ours. Individuals and non-profits will be struggling as some of the more vulnerable populations comprise their volunteer networks.

• Municipal Offices will close effective March 20, 2020 and will remain closed for the time being. Any meetings that occur (Council/Committee of the Whole) are closed to public.

• Some staff have been authorized to work from home so that many services, such as filing permit applications, can continue. Customers can contact staff and departments they have always contacted using regular telephone numbers and email addresses.

• Services, such as waste collection and wastewater treatment will continue.

• Due to reduced staffing at Kaizer Meadow Landfill, the Household Hazardous Waste drop-off is closed until further notice. We are also asking that unless necessary, residents hold off on bringing their waste to the site. We will re-evaluate in early April.