Municipality of the County of Colchester

• All departments of the Municipality of Colchester remain in operation despite offices and facilities being closed to public visitation due to concerns related to COVID-19.

• Community Development services such as planning and building inspection are now offered electronically and by telephone.

• There will be no collection of blue bag recyclables for the period of March 25th until Wednesday 8 April 2020. Notification about resumption of service or additional suspension will be made by Public Notice within this two-week period. Recyclables sorting at our Municipal facility has been suspended to comply with safe distancing requirements under the Nova Scotia State of Emergency declaration. Compost, clear and black bag collection continues as scheduled.

• Postpone Low Income Tax Exemption Application to May 29. Will revisit this deadline, as required

• Postponement of currently scheduled May 5th tax sale.

• Temporarily stalling tax sale collection letter cycle (1st and 2nd warning letters), no further standard reminder letters are scheduled to go out.

• Promoting alternate payment options (online, mail, etc.)• Not doing water disconnection notices for the March 31st billing period. Process will be re-enacted for the June 30th billing period.

• Timing of the annual June tax bills will depend on the ability to approve budget/tax rates.