In 2018, all municipalities were provided with a template from NSFM which covers the requirements in the Municipal Governance Act (MGA) regarding a code of conduct. Councils would have been free to tailor it as long as their codes of conduct ultimately met the requirements in the MGA. 

The MGA defined a code of conduct as:

23A (1) Each municipality shall adopt a code of conduct.
(2) A code of conduct must
(a) include a requirement for compliance with the expense policy and the hospitality policy for the municipality;
(b) apply to the mayor or warden, councillors and positions prescribed by the regulations; and
(c) comply with the regulations.

23B Every person to whom a code of conduct for a municipality applies shall comply with the code of conduct.

Alongside the Association of Municipal Administrators, we have been working to enact a code of conduct with more "teeth", that allows for sanctions of elected officials who breach the code of conduct.